A pre-paid funeral plan created
exclusively for expats in Spain

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Protect your loved ones from life's uncertainties with a pre-paid funeral plan

With funeral costs soaring every year*, a funeral plan ensures that, at a time when your loved ones will be adjusting to their loss, the difficult decision-making and expenses will be taken care of. In fact, planning your funeral today is one of the most thoughtful and responsible ways to show your loved ones you still care - irrespective of the distance between you.

Spanish procedures differ significantly to that in the UK with most funerals in Spain taking place within 24-48 hours.

Assets and cash may be frozen, creating difficulty to release funds at the time of need. This puts an immediate time pressure on your loved ones and can lead to problems in making arrangements for family and friends to attend. Language barriers and understanding the complex funeral system in Spain creates further difficulty, especially if your next of kin is in the UK.

Don't leave it too late - help your loved ones and ensure those left behind are protected.

Avalon Europe is the market leading funeral plan provider in Spain. Established for over 25 years. We are the only company operating in Spain autonomously with UK regulated Trust Funds, which provides security and peace of mind to our clients resident in Spain.